Integrating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging into Everything We Do

Advancing a culture of belonging with employees, clients and communities starts with strategy, and continues with learning, acting, refining and moving forward with a belief that we are never done.

We aim to cultivate enterprise-wide systems and cultures of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging that permeate every aspect of the business and empower all stakeholders — both internally and externally — to succeed.


Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are essential to everything we do, from empowering employees to serving clients, engaging vendors to impacting communities. Simply put, it's good for people and it's good for business.

DEIB Defined

It’s easy to say that diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are important to an organization. But what do these words really mean?


Diversity is ...

about the numbers, differences and representation – hiring more people with various backgrounds (including race, ethnicity, gender and gender identity, military status), expanding our client base, focusing on emerging and underrepresented markets.


Equity is ...

about treating each person fairly and impartially. It involves ensuring all have equal opportunity to grow and progress within an organization, and actively correcting policies and procedures that create and/or perpetuate inequities.


Inclusion is ...

about valuing and celebrating differences within a workforce and ensuring no one feels excluded or out of place.


Belonging is ...

about creating an environment where all employees are empowered to be their authentic selves, use their voice and have a seat at the table to drive growth and progress.

DEIB Commitment in Action

At NFP, it is our priority to make sure everyone feels welcomed and part of the team. Hear from our employees their firsthand experience of NFP's Allyship and #PeopleFirst culture.

During Black History Month and beyond, NFP is proud to celebrate our people-first culture by honoring and recognizing the work, lives and voices of our black colleagues, communities and luminaries.

NFP strives to uplift our people however we can as friends, colleagues and allies. Discover firsthand how our #PeopleFirst culture support our LGBTQ communities within and without and celebrate #pride year round in everything we do.

Join us for this fireside chat as NFP's people discuss what diversity and inclusion mean to them.