About NFP

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NFP is a leading property and casualty broker, benefits consultant, wealth manager, and retirement plan advisor. We enable client success through specialized expertise, innovative technologies, and enduring relationships with highly rated insurers, vendors and financial institutions across the globe.

Who We Are

With more than 7,000 employees around the world, we are experts, leaders and advocates, all coming together to work towards one goal: to help our clients solve problems.

Our success is driven by our ability to empower organizations and people to overcome complex challenges and uncertainties with tailored solutions supported by active listening, hands-on guidance, specialized expertise and, most of all, human connections.

Across the Globe and Across the Street

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With offices throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Puerto Rico, our collaborative teams are ready to work with you to help your organization exceed your goals.

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Mergers, Acquisitions and Subsidiaries

Who We’re Privileged to Partner With

NFP is a growth company, and an essential element of our growth is driven by our ability to attract high-performing firms, expand our community and be a catalyst to elevate value for you and your clients. Explore NFP’s mergers and acquisitions.

We partner with exceptional organizations, teams and people. View the list of NFP's subsidiaries located around the world.

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What We Do

Simply put, we help organizations and people solve their problems. We create tailored solutions driven by active listening, hands-on guidance, specialized expertise and human connection.

Property and Casualty

We provide proactive management of complex risks. Managing risk may be complicated, but we’re easy to work with – we implement new administrative technologies and solutions that work for you and your business. Our services are consultative and put your organization’s needs first. We do our research and uncover potential exposures before they’re a problem.

Learn about our comprehensive Property and Casualty insurances.

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Benefits and Life

We take a holistic approach to designing benefits programs. This helps us ensure each piece works together for your people, who are integral to your organization’s success. More than that, we stay up to date on the latest trends and regulatory issues across the industry, enhancing your ability to attract and retain top talent with appealing benefits in today’s job market. We strive to make benefits administration as simple as possible with technology that gives your HR specialist the extra help they need. Our insurance solutions and financial services are built by top-flight, focused experts and backed by the very best insurance underwriters, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Learn about our approach to planning, analyzing, designing and implementing your employee benefits program.

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Wealth and Retirement

We build personalized programs tailored to our clients’ precise risk profiles and needs, including high net worth families with unique risks. We offer wealth management that considers your unique ambitions with an approach designed to grow returns and reduce risks. We also provide expertise and direction for those helping an employer run a retirement plan, ensuring your options reflect the expectations of a diverse workforce.

See how NFP can protect what you own and help you plan for the future.

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NFP by the Numbers:

Property and Casualty

$738 Million
Annual Revenue (2022)

Benefits and Life

$1.11 Billion
Annual Revenue (2022)

*As of 12/31/2022

Wealth and Retirement

$362 Million
Annual Revenue (2022)

Corporate Governance

Building Relationships, Trust and Transparency

Integrity is fundamental to our business. Our passion is building strong personal relationships based on trust, transparency and active communication, so we can create a vibrant and positive work environment for our employees and deliver creative, outstanding solutions to our clients.

See how we work to establish trust.

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What We Value

We believe that in all we do, people should come first.

When we take care of our employees, we become better partners to our clients, stakeholders and communities. From fostering a culture of belonging to doing business the right way, we are committed to people above all else.