Vehicle Registration Service Bond (California)

California vehicle registration service surety bonds are required by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for those wishing to offer the service of registering vehicles and performing other related services in California. This $25,000 registration service surety bond is required in accordance with California Vehicle Code Section 11401 to perform services typically offered by a DMV registration service, sometimes known as tag and title services.

A vehicle registration service bond form OL 605 must be executed by a surety company authorized to do so in the state. The bond shall run concurrently with the license period for which the license is granted and each and every succeeding license period or periods.

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What Are Vehicle Registration Service Bonds?

They are license and permit bonds required (depending on the state) by certain government jurisdictions. A registration service bond is bonding for either a business or individual that registers all kinds of vehicles with the state DMV on behalf of their consumers. This surety bond type is important because it essentially guarantees that the consumer will register their vehicle. In addition, it ensures they pay any associated fees due and that they do so in compliance with all applicable statutes and laws.

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