If you are a plumber or gas fitting contractor that conducts business in the District of Columbia, there is a very important deadline approaching. The surety bond renewal date for all DC Plumbing and Gas Fitting contractors or designated masters is March 31 of even-numbered years. The license bond amount is $5,000 with a two-year annual premium of $175.

Who needs to obtain a bond?

DC Plumber and gas fitting contractors often are required to get licensed or registered with district or city authorities.

More often than not, getting a DC plumbers license requires purchasing a plumbers bond.

A DC Gas Fitting contractor bond acts very similarly to insurance in the fact that a plumber is required to get bonded before conducting business. It demonstrates to potential clients that the plumber is more trustworthy and ethical than other non-bonded ones. In return, plumbing bonds also protect the client from fraud or horrific work.

Why Choose NFP

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