Adventure boldly with the right coverage for road travel throughout Mexico.

Millions of Americans drive into Mexico each year. But many don’t know their vehicle needs coverage from a Mexican insurance company once they cross the border. Mexico law requires you to purchase coverage from an insurance company that’s licensed to provide coverage in Mexico.

Auto, RV and motorcycle coverage all fall under the same category as far as a quote is concerned, but they are all very different. All require liability coverage by law in Mexico. You can get full coverage that includes physical damage, medical assistance, legal and bond assistance, roadside assistance, and travel assistance on your vehicle, as long as it’s no more than 20 years old and the value is such that it’s available.

RV Coverage

You can get the best price for RV insurance through your NFP agent, who can add a Mexico endorsement to your US or Canadian policy.

Motorcycle Coverage

Our full coverage motorcycle insurance, unlike most, provides physical damage, legal and bond assistance, roadside assistance, and travel assistance. They do not, however, provide medical payment assistance.

With two levels to choose from, you can quickly customize your coverage options to fit your budget and travel plans. NFP's cross-border team can choose an insurance carrier and a coverage level that meets your needs:

Standard Coverage vs. Extended Coverage

Standard coverage includes liability, as well as collision, glass, theft, fire, medical payments, legal assistance and roadside assistance.

Full coverage includes standard coverages as well as vandalism, increased cost for US repair, GAP coverage and uninsured motorist deductible waiver.

Roadside Assistance

No matter what you drive – personal passenger vehicle, RV or motorcycle – every policy offers 24-hour emergency roadside assistance.


Daily, multi-day, six-month and even annual policies are available from multiple insurers to be sure your customer gets the right coverage, at the right price.


Claims are handled through bilingual adjusters available 24/7. Just call the toll-free number on your policy terms and conditions and an adjuster will be sent out immediately.


Your policy will be void if you do not make your claim in Mexico at the time of the accident or covered loss.

Move outside the country with confidence. Let's put a plan in place to keep you safe across your travels.

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