Turning a house into a home takes effort and care, no matter how long you’ve lived there.

Like many, your house is your most valuable asset. If disaster strikes in the form of fire or weather damage, paying out-of-pocket for a replacement is likely unrealistic. That’s why finding the proper homeowners insurance coverage is so important.

Homeowners insurance includes dwelling coverage against damage or destruction to your property, including your home, yard and personal belongings. Homeowners insurance includes protection for your house and other structures – like a shed or fence – against disasters like wind, hail, lightning, freezing and fire. Plus, in the case of severe damage, it will cover the cost for you to live elsewhere while your house is being repaired.

Personal property such as clothes, jewelry and collectibles are also covered under homeowners insurance. So your policy will cover the cost to repair or replace those personal belongings if they’re lost or damaged. Another key aspect of many coverages is personal liability, which covers policy holders in situations where someone else experiences an accident or injury on their property.

Although homeowners insurance protects you against a wide variety of disasters, many policies don’t include coverage against floods, earthquakes or hurricanes. However, separate coverages can be purchased to protect you against these risks.

The cost of homeowners insurance varies, depending on how much coverage you want to purchase, which is based on how much it would cost to rebuild your home. You also want to consider how much it would cost to replace your belongings, as well as how much personal liability you want to cover.

Our personal homeowners insurance specialists work with you to identify potential exposures to loss, and provide recommendations on the appropriate coverage specific to for your needs. Our expertise extends even further and can apply to the unique needs when insuring condos and co-ops as well as secondary and seasonal homes.

Coverage highlights include:

  • Guaranteed replacement cost (where applicable)
  • Additional living expenses after a covered claim
  • Risk and claims management programs
  • Claims advocacy

Talk to us today to ensure that, no matter the risk, you always feel at home.