Let loose knowing the scratches and scuffs are covered.

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are no longer considered a single operator vehicle. With advancements in off-road technology, these vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Also known as utility task vehicles or UTVs, these units can seat up to six passengers and can have values exceeding your daily driver. NFP cross border insurance has several options to ensure your "big kid" toys are protected while being operated on marked roadways (off-road coverage is specifically excluded).

Standard Coverage vs. Full Coverage

Standard coverage includes liability, as well as collision, glass, theft, fire, medical payments, legal assistance and roadside assistance.

Full coverage includes all standard coverage as well as vandalism, increased cost for US repair, GAP coverage and uninsured motorist deductible waiver.

How to Insure

  • Liability only coverage while towing: Just purchase a policy for the all terrain vehicle or utility task vehicle. You do not need to list the towed vehicle for it to be covered.
  • Physical damage or theft while towing: If you want your vehicle covered for physical damage and theft while towing ONLY, list the vehicles and their value on your auto policy.
  • Physical damage or theft while towing and operating: If you wish to have full coverage on your ATV or UTV when it is being operated, purchase a policy for it, in addition to the auto policy for the towing vehicle.


Your all terrain or utility vehicles must be licensed and registered in the US or Canada. ATVs and UTVs can only be driven on marked Mexico roads. You must be 25 years of age or older to operate under this policy.