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NFP's Mental Well-Being Fitness Center


No matter how you manage your mental health and well-being, everyone's brain can use a workout.

Both in and out of the workplace, however stress is affecting you, we're here to empower you with strategies and sound advice so you can better take on each day and whatever challenges you and your employees are facing.

NFP’s 2021 Virtual Well-Being Masterclass Part 2

Our second Well-Being Masterclass will equip you with tools to help you combat burnout and encourage resiliency for a mentally strong organization. The virtual seminar will bring to light critical but often ignored aspects of mental health in and out of the workplace. You’ll learn about these issues and potential solutions, such as the latest in innovative, proven brain optimization and mental fitness training.


NFP’s 2021 Virtual Well-Being Masterclass Part 1

In our foundational masterclass, Building a Mentally Strong Organization, leading experts Dr. Jeremy Hunter, Scott Shute, and Deb Smolensky discuss the universal concepts and skills required to build a mentally strong organization in order to reduce the rampant burnout, stress and fatigue and build a more regenerative, resilient, psychologically safe, flourishing workforce. 


Mental Health In the Workplace

Infographic guide to the Welcoa toolkit 

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Mental Fitness Center

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April 20 Peak Performance and Resilience Virtual Training

Mental Health Presentation by Atrium Health

Parneet Pal Leads a Mindfulness Practice

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