CPADS Has Moved

CPADS Is Moving Onward and Upward



Staying on top of your NFP BOLI program is now easier, safer and more secure than ever.

While CPADS was one of the first robust BOLI administration platforms of its kind, we’re excited to say that – after listening to your feedback and making meaningful investments in our technology platform – CPADS has evolved into something better.

From now on, you’ll be accessing your BOLI administration on NFP Connect — our data-driven, enterprise-wide answer to digital access.

Introducing NFP Connect – Your One Stop BOLI Shop

NFP Connect allows us to better connect our team with yours and for you to better connect with your NFP-related data and technology ecosystem.

You’ll still have access to the same reports, statements and information you’ve grown accustomed to in CPADS, now in a more sophisticated, streamlined and secure cross-functional web platform. NFP Connect includes additional, easy to use analytical tools and data-interpretation dashboards and features you can utilize in ongoing monitoring of and due diligence for your BOLI program.

Get Into NFP Connect Today

If you haven’t already jumped into NFP Connect:

  1. Search your email inbox and spam folders for email notification titled “Sign Up for NFP Connect.”
  2. Follow the link inside to create your account.
  3. In the registration site, create your NFP Connect login credentials.
  4. Download Microsoft Authenticator, secure login software, from either Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  5. Create a new Microsoft Authenticator account using the “+” button in the app and use your camera to scan the QR code in your NFP Connect registration Chrome browser window.
  6. Enter the Microsoft Authenticator six-digit verification code into the space provided under the QR code in your NFP Connect registration Chrome browser window.

For more specific instructions on the Microsoft Authenticator registration process, please see here. If you have issues with the Microsoft Authenticator registration process, please reach out to NFP’s Help Desk: 877.801.7179.

Once you’ve finished this process, or if you’re already set up with Microsoft Authenticator through NFP, you’ll be set. Please be advised that you will still be able to access the tool on your PC, a mobile device is simply required for the authentication process.

Head to NFP Connect Now

If you’ve already signed up, you can access your BOLI on NFP Connect now.

Note: NFP Connect requires use of the Google Chrome browser to operate properly. We strongly suggest you only use NFP Connect through Chrome.

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