Selecting a Great Business Partner

Step-by-Step Process to Find Your Ideal Leader in 90 Days

Find a great partner for your organization. Foster a lasting relationship needed to accomplish your goals.

The traditional Request for Proposal (RFP) process doesn’t have to be traditional any longer. Let’s take a look at a process that answers all your questions, but through a new approach similar to hiring a key employee.

While an RFP can be an effective question set to learn more about a company, it often stops at just that. It’s time to make relationship building a key part of the process. After all, would you hire an employee without first meeting him or her?

In order to change how you go about finding a good business partner, it’s important to understand what it takes: sound hiring techniques, a process for getting there, and the best interviewing questions to help you arrive at your decision.

Complete with a partner scorecard and questionnaire template, this toolkit provides an all-inclusive guide to finding a partner who understands your business strategy and can deliver on your needs, instead of finding someone solely based on a questionnaire.

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Your Relationship-Building Experts

Photo of Paul Ashley

Paul Ashley

SVP & Consultant

With his Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) designation from Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, Paul focuses on developing quality relationships with clients like you.

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Photo of Laura Butler

Laura Butler

Vice President & Consultant

With over 20 years of experience in wellness and 14 years in benefits, Laura knows what she’s talking about. She is always seeking the best outcomes for our clients.

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