Developing a Holistic Benefits Strategy

Benefits are the heart of the employer-employee relationship.

At FirstPerson, we don’t do benefits because we love poring over all 906 pages of the Affordable Care Act, or facing the formidable consequences of noncompliance, or even trying to remember a slew of acronyms that would make anyone’s head spin—as fun as those are.

We do benefits because we believe they are at the heart of the employer-employee relationship; because what you offer and how you communicate it makes a world of difference. We do benefits because we believe in turning one of your biggest variables into one of your strongest assets.

In this white paper, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of benefits as they stand today, and how to consider your strategy in the broader picture of your employment experience as you strive to create meaningful work for your employees.

Sections include:

  • Market Segmentation
  • Your Health Plan Funding Options, Explained
  • Employee InvestmentReporting Requirements
  • The Big Picture

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Your Benefits Experts

Photo of Kelly Eckman

Kelly Eckman

Senior Compliance Manager

With nearly two decades of compliance experience, Kelly knows what she’s talking about when guiding clients through the changing waters of benefits and HR compliance.

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Photo of Mark Minner

Mark Minner

President & Chief Strategy Officer

In addition to leading our internal team, Mark collaborates with clients to build innovative, long-term, benefits and compensation strategies.

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