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Organizational Performance

You have big goals for your organization. But, sometimes misalignment, organizational changes and unclear vision make it hard to achieve success. The Performance Lab at First Person Advisors helps your leadership team create organizational performance strategies that achieve your goals, align to your company culture and engage your people.


The journey to high performance has constants, yet your unique situation dictates variables that must come into play. We’ll explore and identify with you those attributes that lead to discovering your path forward. One thing we know: Business success relies on people performance and sound growth strategy. Both are equally important.

Gather Data to Understand Current State

Performance Climate Survey

A research-based framework that comprehensively diagnoses the drivers of your culture and strategy. Segmented data will help you find outliers – good and bad – and focus efforts where they will matter most.

Focus Group Facilitation

Focus groups put the human factor in human analysis, helping you dig deeper to truly unpack what is working and not working. We’ll serve as an unbiased facilitator of your focus groups and co-create plans to help you close gaps.

Elevate 360

Essentially a 360 review that leverages multiple vantage points to help you understand how you’re leading. The structured process and powerful reporting give you quick insights to increase your effectiveness.

Design Future State

Strategic Planning

Build your strategic plan using our non-traditional version of a SWOT analysis to garner input and make more focused decisions for your organization’s future.

Culture Shift Strategy

Are you moving to a strengths-based culture, developing leaders as coaches or building out a DE&I strategy? Leverage our research-based practices to make important pivots like these (and more) or double down on a culture you’re already advancing.

Learning Journey Design

It’s rare to have overnight success mastering new skills or ways of thinking. Create a learning journey for your team that makes use of multiple learning styles and helps each person find success.

Enable and Sustain Change

Organization Change

Design an organizational model that delivers value to your customers and employees now and in the future. Our methodical framework covers strategy, culture, core work processes, structure, talent and rewards.

HR Delivery Model

Optimize your people, processes and technology needed to deliver your organization’s people strategy.

Change Management Consulting

Receive guidance on managing transformations – big and small – within your organization. From basic guidance to building capability with hands-on learning, we’ll equip your team to successfully manage change.

Leadership Development

Address the critical functional knowledge you need to successfully manage yourself and others with Performance Lab’s L.E.A.D. competency model. There are numerous was to engage, include our monthly learning kit Peak 30, executive coaching, peer cohorts and in-person and e-learning opportunities.

Create a Strategy That Helps Your Organization Achieve High Performance

Schedule a free consultation with one of our organizational performance experts to learn how we can address your organization’s unique challenges.

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