The Sports and Entertainment Group brings together the suite of risk management and protection solutions provided by NFP.

With decades of experience assessing unique vulnerabilities, the group places billions of dollars of complex coverage each year, executes an intellectual, solution-focused approach for clients, and offers an unmatched level of collective capabilities and expertise.

From protecting against lost revenue and liability, to risks involving talent issues or even Acts of God, the team listens, understands your concerns and aligns challenges with solutions customized for your needs. Innovative benchmarking capabilities – driven by a significant volume of clients – provides the insight required to design, implement and maintain coverage programs that effectively address clients’ biggest challenges. Coverage includes all forms of contractual protection (disability coverage), liability across a variety of scenarios, event cancellation, player/employee benefits, property and construction, and workers’ compensation.

Areas of expertise include:

Sports & Entertainment

  • Arenas and stadiums
  • Conferences and tournaments
  • Event cancellation & contingency
  • Executives owners
  • Organizations and associations
  • Players' associations
  • Professional and collegiate athletes
  • Teams and leagues


  • Concerts and live events
  • Entertainers and performing artists
  • Film and television
  • Post production and editing
  • Producers and promoters
  • Record labels
  • Equipment and rental houses
  • Entertainment venues

Clients include:

  • More than 100 major league sports teams and hundreds of athletes (representing the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, the National Football League and the National Basketball Association), more than 600 colleges and universities, and more than 2,000 secondary/K-12 Schools
  • Film studios, event producers and promoters, entertainers and performing artists, executives of sports and entertainment related organizations, and post-production facilities and rental houses

The sports and entertainment group continues to establish new markets while watching trends, listening to client challenges and collaborating strategically to create new opportunities. Each solution offered is supported by leaders with experience and specialized expertise – actuaries, attorneys, claims specialists and insurance professionals – to enhance effectiveness, communication, service and value.

Find out more about our capabilities and get in touch with our experts on our expanded Sports and Entertainment Group site.

Practice Leaders

Marc Blumencranz

Marc Blumencranz

(800) 328-8345

John Scotti

John Scotti

(412) 263-2749

Ross B. Garner

Ross B. Garner

(805) 537-0116

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