Optimizing Risk Transfer

Ready to grow distribution, improve profitability and manage your risk exposures more effectively? Reinsurance helps you get the most out of your own capital by smoothing out ups and downs in claims so that you can take on more risk and generate more premiums. The trick is having access to skillful underwriting, personalized service, transparent pricing and incredible reach across markets. When you partner with us, you get all that and more.

Insightful Analytics

Knowing what data actually means is critical to understanding sources of risk and how they interrelate. You'll have access to our unique analytical tools rather than limited third-party data solutions. The information gathered both from live people and from our advanced technology turns raw data into useful, actionable recommendations.

Attentive, Responsive Service

Personalized client service means we make sure you have what you need whenever and wherever. We take this one step further to stay ahead of your needs as they change over time by keeping an eye on the big picture. Then we adjust your solutions and services as needed.

Claims Support

Your insurance coverage is a lot less valuable if your claims aren't paid quickly and easily. Our Claims Advocacy Group is dedicated to working directly with you and the reinsurer to achieve a fast and fair resolution of even the most challenging claims.

Practice Leaders

Brian Kilduff

Brian Kilduff

(866) 620-5632