The Power of Group Buying

There’s power in numbers — and in group insurance buying. NFP builds comprehensive insurance programs tailor-made for associations or parent franchises that want to make protection easier – and less expensive – for their dealers.


Each franchise program is designed to meet the dealers’ unique insurance needs. Our close relationships with premium carriers can result in premium discounts and enhanced industry-specific coverage. The advantages are clear:

  • Dealers don’t need to shop various markets for coverage.
  • The established program helps ensure appropriate limits of liability.
  • Experienced claims representatives make claim reporting a lot easier.
  • There’s lower claims costs when the same insurer covers all program participants.
  • Our expedited renewal process includes prepared documents that meet the dealer’s specifications.
  • Premium collection can be tailored to support individual or group billing.


Talk with us today about how we can help you build a custom insurance program. We offer several programs already, including ones for: