Business Resource Groups

Business Resources Groups

As part of NFP's diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) initiatives, employees are encouraged to engage, connect and get involved in our Business Resource Groups, collaborative and supportive forums where both members and their allies join with the community at large to ensure member development, enhance inclusivity and align with NFP’s business objectives.

Learn more about each of our Business Resource Groups below.

Women’s Resource Group


This group empowers NFP women and their allies to come together. We’re focused on empowering women employees in their personal and professional growth, expanding their networks within the company and building their leadership skills to further their career advancement. This group will work to connect with, mentor and empower young women in our local communities, building a pipeline of future NFP employees and leaders. Engage with this group to access and share information on webinars, articles, career guidance and activities happening globally and locally to support healthy female leadership.

Chair: Spencer Dickman
Co-Chair: Gale Hamilton

Military and Veterans Resource Group


The Military and Veterans Business Resource Group (MVBRG) is an opportunity to establish a community devoted to promoting success and diversity amongst NFP’s current and former military members, their families and allies. The group looks to utilize the unique skills and perspectives of military veterans, such as team building, resiliency, cross-cultural fluency and leadership. The MVBRG was formed to generate conversations and actions surrounding NFP’s support of military members, military families, and veterans’ transition to a corporate environment. Recruitment and community giveback will also be important aspects of our effort.

Chair: Justin Goldstein

Black Professionals Resource Group


The Black Professional BRG is an employee-led group that seeks to create community, provide networking opportunities, and promote leadership development through advocacy, outreach and mentorship for Black employees. Our aim is to encourage the growth, success and retention of Black employees across all job functions. Our goal is to foster an inclusive and celebrative workplace, while increasing awareness of the unique challenges facing Black professionals. Everyone who would like to participate as a member or stay connected as an ally is welcome to join this group.

Chair: Elzia Sekou
Co-Chair: Elizabeth Allen

D-IS-Ability Resource Group


This group was formed to showcase the extraordinary capabilities of the disabled community not only in the NFP workforce but also in the mainstream business environment. We hope to improve the visibility of those with disabilities in NFP by increasing the recruitment of these individuals and highlighting abilities rather than focusing on their disabilities. Everyone who would like to raise awareness and learn how to better treat those with disabilities in a manner of equality and respect is welcome to participate.

Chair: Jason Carr
Co-Chair: John Stewart

PRIDE+ Resource Group


To promote diversity, inclusion, and understanding of sexual orientation and gender expression in the workplace, the PRIDE+ Resource Group seeks to connect members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community and promote opportunities for growth and leadership. We will provide a forum for awareness and education that enables all of NFP to be their authentic selves in the workplace.

Chair: Nicole Hatcher

Latine Resource Group


The Latine BRG is a strong employee-centered foundation grounded in Latin and Hispanic culture. This group is designed to provide a safe space where members feel like they truly belong. Through cultural appreciation, the Latine BRG hopes to provide access to valuable tools for the development of its people and the support of its community. Members will gather, share and celebrate culture with the goal of inclusion and opportunity.

Chair: Monica Jimenez
Co-Chair: Isabel Velasquez

Asian Resource Group


This group was formed to promote the open expression and empowerment of all Asian members of the workforce. We aim to ensure everyone has the resources they need while promoting a diverse culture of inclusivity in the group and across NFP. We look to provide support to Asian employees in their professional growth through mentorship and promoting leadership skills.

Chair: Patrick Diep
Co-Chair: Alma Ko

Family Resource Group


The Family Resource Group was formed to provide resources and guidance from experts and working parents on parent-focused topics. We focus on several areas such as financial education, technology tools and safety tips and information about our family-friendly benefits and policies. Over time, the group has expanded to support our employees with different family needs beyond raising children. We aim to provide space for one-on-one and small group mentoring so our members can be successful at work and balance family needs and obligations at home.

Chair: Paul Ashley
Co-Chair: Nicole Juracek