Aligning human capital with your business strategy creates long-term value and improves organizational performance.

Successfully connecting your people and their ongoing development to your organization's overall goals and objectives requires strategy. Employing strategic human resources is beneficial to companies because it saves money, enhances employee engagement and productivity, and improves company-wide performance.

Leverage HR as an integral part of your strategic planning to identify human resource needs.

By directly linking business goals with the management of employees, it completely integrates an organization’s resources with its strategic direction. Within this framework, the HR team begins to understand the needs and goals of every department and what human capital is required to achieve them. As ongoing education, retention and recruitment efforts are refined and customized, a workforce begins to take shape, ready to meet the needs of your business and adapt to evolving challenges.

Organizational culture is strengthened with the right people and a strategic HR plan.

Strategic HR planning can help promote employee behavior and shape organizational culture, in addition to identifying the skill sets and personnel needed for company-wide success. Training and process implementation work in tandem with customized workforce planning, strengthening the employer brand and EVP. This systematic influence on culture invariably leads to overall success.

Most candidates want to be part of a team with a well-defined culture where they can learn, grow and do their best work. NFP’s Human Capital Solutions works with HR leaders to strategize, plan and implement cost-effective, people-first programs that add long-term value and improve individual and organizational performance with exemplary support. We offer market-leading expertise and services, including:

  • Gain insight into strengths and opportunities within the organization by conducting a full-scale HR assessment or an employee survey.
  • Elevate the employee experience with tailored programs, process improvement and optimized technologies.
  • Identify critical roles and key success factors tied to business strategy execution coupled with workforce planning and competency development.
  • Cultivate a culture that values diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging with innovative expertise in program design and implementation.
  • Support communication and retention of values, culture and talent through organizational design, business restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions.
  • Prepare your team for the future by defining career paths, training programs and leadership development.
  • Stand out to prospective candidates and increase retention with an enticing employer value proposition and employer brand.

From cultivating cultures that attract and engage employees, maximizing productivity and performance during times of change or uncertainty, to developing the next generation of leaders, NFP consultants will help transform your strategic HR planning to meet the needs of today’s complex workforce.