Attract the best talent and become an employer of choice by elevating the employee experience.

In this hyper-competitive market, standing out from the crowd requires organizations to become more attractive to potential job seekers. Now, more than ever, employees are prioritizing companies committed to investing in what is most important to them. They are looking for employers to deliver an employee experience second to none, including an environment where their talents are valued, and they see the potential to learn and grow.

Employers who embrace a holistic mindset that aligns organizational goals with employees’ needs can distinguish themselves as an employer of choice. As recruiting is essential to your business and requires a strategy to identify the right candidates for your organization’s open positions, having the proper recruitment services can ensure the acquisition of top jobseekers and minimize wasteful spending and lost time.

NFP consultants provide insights into market data, such as talent pool demographics and compensation ranges, to help you make more informed hiring decisions. Our experts can guide you through best practices for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, the candidate experience, and strategies to obtain a competitive advantage through your employer brand and company culture. We offer several services, including:

  • Recruitment process outsourcing when you need a dedicated recruiter to hire for multiple positions.
  • Interim and on-demand recruiting when you have an unexpected departure and temporary gap in recruiting.
  • Project recruiting when a finite number of positions is needed over a defined period of time.
  • Strategic key hire capabilities when you need a high-performing HR leader, senior strategic leader, or executive.
  • Talent acquisition expertise, including full-scale Recruiting Effectiveness Assessment, review of branding, online presence, and employer value proposition, and evaluation of your applicant tracking system.

Having a partner that embraces your recruiting needs and understands the complexity and diversity of your unique challenges will ensure that you attract top talent while strengthening your employer brand. We can help evaluate your current approach to attracting talent and your hiring process to help you become an employer of choice and recruit an engaged and inspired workforce.