International HR consulting across Canada, the UK, Europe and beyond.

NFP Human Capital Solutions is designed to empower organizations globally with challenges they face in attracting, retaining, engaging and transitioning talent. It provides strategic expertise, scalable services and data-driven insights for expanding multinational businesses.

Trust the international HR experts.

Having a partner specializing in comprehensive international HR services and management allows your organization to navigate HR needs worldwide seamlessly. As global issues affect international business, managing a multinational workforce requires agile leadership and the capacity to attract and retain critical talent.

NFP’s International HR consultants are experts in international labor laws, talent acquisition and retention, and training and development. Being an effective global leader means staying atop evolving technology, overseeing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging initiatives to accommodate a multinational workforce, and being prepared to accelerate organizational growth.

We offer market-leading expertise and services, including:

  • Managing HR services, including compensation and benefits, outsourced HR support, policy development and implementation, and establishing entities in new territories.
  • Pivoting through an organizational change resulting from mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring, or employee and union relations.
  • Building a competitive total rewards program and benchmark compensation analyses.
  • Installing people development services for executives, managers, and teams.
  • Offering career transition services for executives, individuals, and groups.
  • Establishing return-to-work and family leave services.
  • Setting up retirement planning.

Today’s international workforce needs global HR solutions that are well-versed in inclusive corporate values, shifting demographics, and other critical issues. Managing employees across the globe in a rapidly changing environment creates many challenges. Lean on NFP’s expert consultants to help your international strategy and sharpen your long-term focus.