Make your HR department a high-performing business partner that advances revenue-generating objectives.

Your company’s goals – as well as your employees and their goals – make your HR needs unique. But every day, limited resources may force you to choose between managing business and managing HR.

That’s where we come in. Whether you need a part-time partner or want to outsource your entire HR function, we can provide a complete employee experience. From hire to retire, we can handle the most complex issues, requests and regulatory requirements with cost-effective solutions and exemplary support.

You’ll get:

  • Cost control: Employee management is a complex, constantly changing function that requires detailed attention and deep knowledge. Use our brains and save the cost of training yours. We’ll even help automate and streamline your processes to reduce inefficiencies.
  • Risk reduction: HR rules and regulations continue to multiply, but you still have to know and comply with all of them. Let us tackle the necessary requirements to help mitigate your liabilities and risks and prepare you for unexpected ones.
  • Expertise: By partnering with us, you get access to true HR professionals — most with more than two decades of HR experience. Their broad range of industry backgrounds enables them to pinpoint emerging issues and implement best practices.
  • Employee engagement: A great culture can boost morale and performance as well as attract the best and brightest new hires. Our workforce strategists partner with you to create and foster a positive environment that intrinsically connects your employees to your business.

You’ll get a 360-degree view of not only your department’s processes, resources and goals, but also the employees you serve and the strategic objectives of the larger organization. That holistic picture, combined with our years of establishing HR and outsourcing best practices, will enable you to make intelligent decisions about how to reallocate your resources.

Some areas you might want to outsource include:

Talent Acquisition

  • Recruiting and interviewing
  • Conducting background checks, drug tests and reference checks
  • Developing and sending offer letters
  • Providing required hiring documents

Training and Organizational Development

  • Conducting new hire orientation and onboarding
  • Developing and conducting annual anti-harassment training
  • Assisting managers with employee development, performance appraisals and planning
  • Providing other training on a project basis


  • Developing comprehensive job descriptions
  • Conducting compensation market benchmarking and analysis
  • Developing base salary structure and pay grades
  • Developing bonus, incentive and commission structures
  • Addressing potential compensation inequities

Safety and Security

  • Providing guidance and advice on preventive workplace safety measures
  • Assisting in administration of safety and workers' compensation programs

HR Information Services

  • Processing payroll
  • Processing personnel action requests (transfer, promotion, title change, pay increase, termination)
  • Maintaining the HR information services system

Employee and Labor Relations

  • Providing guidance on employee complaints and grievances
  • Advising managers on potential implications and consequences of adverse employment decisions (counseling, warnings, leave without pay, termination)
  • Assisting with documentation of performance appraisals and corrective action/performance improvement plans

Compliance and Administration

  • Developing an employee handbook
  • Maintaining personnel and medical files
  • Ensuring workplace compliance with posting requirements
  • Ensuring company compliance with employee notification requirements

Call Center

  • Receiving and managing employee and management calls regarding employment, benefits, performance etc.
  • Managing anonymous calls related to compliance and suspected illegal or unethical activity
  • Triaging calls based on level of urgency and criticality
  • Providing experienced, certified HR professionals to answer calls

Our goal is to take away your stress. Clearly established key metrics and service-level agreements help ensure that the relationship you expect is the one you actually have. We communicate with you as often or as little as you prefer, through the channels of your choice.