HR operations is the epicenter of your employee relationship management system.

The day-to-day HR operations conducted within your organization are essential to meeting your business's strategic goals. These are professionals supporting the employee experience over the entire lifecycle and making sure things run smoothly week in and week out. They manage day-to-day HR responsibilities, , administer compensation and benefits, and respond to employee needs to support the team and keep them invested in your company.

The ongoing effectiveness of your HR operations team is essential to your business.

HR professionals have a hand in shaping every facet of an organization’s business. They are the connective tissue coordinating human capital with overarching company goals. Situated like a waystation that leaders, managers and employees must pass through to reach their objectives, they are the heart of your business. Having an agile operations team adept at adapting and responding to the ever-evolving changes in the workplace requires an operations model suitable for your unique circumstances.

NFP knows that HR operations teams are integral to facilitating HR programs and assessments, process design, policy development, and implementation. Their work determines the effectiveness of your recruitment and retention efforts, compensation and health benefits management, and onboarding and continued training efforts. They are top-level administrators responsible for the day-to-day functional needs essential to your business and employees.

Having a partner that understands your unique challenges and objectives, one that can help align your HR operations with your overall business strategy, has the potential to save money, mitigate risk and increase employee happiness. Our team can evaluate your current HR function and day-to-day processes to identify gaps and areas for improvement. We offer market-leading expertise and services, including:

  • Employment lifecycle expertise in onboarding, engagement, retention and separation.
  • Foundational HR outsourcing consultation across onboarding and new hire orientation, benefits administration, employee relations and communications, and compliance, reporting and record keeping.
  • Operational HR outsourcing consultation across the hiring process, onboarding and assimilation, career pathing, training and development, employee relations, policies and procedures, HR information systems, and performance management.
  • Facilitation of HR programs and assessments, process design, policy development, and implementation.
  • US government contracting compliance expertise, including Service Contract Labor Standards, recruiting/data collection processes and affirmative action plan development.

NFP’s Human Capital Solutions team is dedicated to creating an environment for success in which employees and businesses thrive. Our consultants are foundational, operational, strategic HR experts and can work with you as an outsourced partner tailored to your client’s business, culture and goals. Whether it’s filling gaps in your client’s current HR function, outsourcing the day-to-day administration or managing the entire HR process, NFP can help.