Supporting employees through times of career transition is good business.

Providing support to employees through times of transition can make them feel valued. As they make their way through their unique personal journey – whether it’s into retirement, starting a family or moving on to their next role – focusing on their well-being and personal ambitions throughout their departure can cement your reputation as an employer of choice.

Trust the outplacement experts.

Providing expert guidance and support to individuals at key stages of their transition over the last 30 years, NFP’s Career Transition and Outplacement services are one of our longest-standing and largest practices within HR. We care about every individual we work with and have helped thousands of people secure their next opportunity.

Our experts provide completely tailored support that’s based on individual needs. We’re large enough to handle significant outplacement programs yet agile enough to ensure that everyone we work with receives personal care and attention.

We offer market-leading expertise and career transition services, including:

  • Sensitively handling the departure of one or more employees.
  • Ensuring leavers feel positive as they exit the business, so they become brand ambassadors and advocates.
  • Phasing departures so folks can stay focused on their job rather than worrying about the external job market.
  • Maintaining business as usual through times of transition.
  • Offering support for those remaining in the business to minimize staff attrition.

In today’s market, your brand is everything. When transitioned employees report positive experiences despite being impacted by layoffs, it helps both the brand and your reputation. Providing outplacement and career transition services demonstrates compassion towards your employees and your commitment to assisting them in finding their next position as quickly as possible.