Stop searching for the best solution, and find the solution that's right for you.

Technology is great when you find a cost-effective solution that meets all your benefits administration and HR communication challenges. It’s not so great when the solution you thought would solve all of your problems becomes an even bigger one.

Whether you want help making the most of your current human resource information system or finding a new one that matches your needs, we’ve got you covered.

We know HR and benefits administration systems inside and out. We also know our all-in-one, outcomes-based approach to determining your ideal vendor can make you a confident decision-maker. The reality is that there’s no “right” solution. There’s only the solution that’s right for you. And this is how our highly personalized consultative approach – designed to be vendor-agnostic and as unbiased as possible – finds it:

  • Discovery
    • Assess current state of your existing technology as well as vendor and employee relationships
    • Identify your needs
    • Determine your technical requirements
  • Customized RFP and Scoring Process
    • Create a customized RFP based on the discovery process
    • Use our proprietary scoring method to rate responses
    • Collaborate with you in assessing the pros and cons of each vendor based on the RFP responses, and our research, ratings and extensive experience
  • Finalists Demonstrations
    • Orchestrate on-site demos for you
    • Work with you on due diligence
    • Recommend best solutions, products or vendors based on your needs
  • Contract Negotiations
    • Advocate on your behalf
    • Negotiate contracts for you
    • Ensure all details are agreed upon and included in contracts
  • Project Management
    • Act as an intermediary between you and the vendor, representing your best interests
    • Help develop agreed-upon project plan
    • Work with you to determine internal implementation roles and responsibilities
    • Manage implementation timeline and milestones set for you and the vendor

Ditch the pen and paper — let us help you save time and money by finding the right HR technology solution for your business.