Cultivate health for your greatest asset with distinctive plan options at practical rates.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that healthcare in the United States is complicated. Well-versed experts can support businesses in developing cost-effective, industry leading healthcare plan options that employers and employees can feel good about.

We take pride in the fact that our advisors are product and vendor agnostic: our goal is to consistently offer evidence-based, client-centered advice and high-quality options from a host of top insurance carriers. We’ll work with you to create a competitive, fairly priced health program that fits your workforce.

Development and Implementation

Our process always starts with an in-depth conversation about your company: your current insurance plans, well-being programs, and financials; your company culture and employee demographics; and your overall business strategy. Starting with this key enterprise background, we work with you to gather the information needed to make intelligent recommendations.

Based on the data, our professionals partner with you to develop new strategic initiatives or revisit and improve existing ones. Our advisors are able to ensure you have analytics in place to inform all plan decisions. You’ll be armed with information when it’s time to renew your plans and balance budgets, and we can assist with plan cost projections to create a comprehensive view of the effects any changes to your healthcare options would have.

During open enrollment, our benefits experts can assist you with optimizing a communication program and setting up meetings with your employees to explain the plans.

Ongoing Support

Our advisors are committed to supporting your success long term. We have the experts to assist with healthcare plan upkeep through:

  • Compliance auditing
  • Annual carrier utilization review
  • Benchmarking review
  • CFO/CEO presentation
  • Healthcare reform analysis
  • Client feedback portal

We also stay on top of the latest in healthcare reform and consumer-driven health plans to ensure you’re always aware of key trends and changes.

For those who enjoy getting into the details of their healthcare benefits, we offer smart analytics and diagnostics tools that empower you to easily access and monitor plan data and participant satisfaction, benchmark, and forecast financials. Our healthcare reform compliance tools help you mitigate legal risk as well.

NFP Marketplace

Once you establish your benefits strategy, you can take advantage of our private benefits exchange, NFP Marketplace, to manage costs and offer competitive benefit options to your employees. Using the NFP Marketplace, employees can easily research, compare and enroll in the plan that meets their budget and needs.

The variety of modern benefits is impressive, and can sometimes seem overwhelming. The upside is that an expert advisor can help you create a unique benefits package that fits your situation.