You want employees well equipped for their well-being journeys. We can help you make that reality.

It may be cliché, but it’s true: the world is changing faster than ever. Working life today looks different from how it looked even five years ago. In some cases, very different.

Still, when it comes down to it, employees still want the same things. They want compensation that reflects their value and a workplace that challenges and supports them. They want the time and energy to cultivate balanced, healthy lives.

Employers can help, with positive side effects for their business too.

Our well-being experts are passionate about helping your employees find balance. An effective partner can assist you as you evaluate your needs, and help piece together tools that are relevant for your workforce. We can work with you to tailor a program that’s intuitive and easy for your people to use.

We start with conversations and research about your needs, coming to understand your company’s culture, mission and vision, demographics and psychographics, and strategic goals. Your employees and leadership are central to the process. We want to know what inspires them each day and what aspects of well-being and wellness they care most about. Then, we're able to build a tailored road map for an effective, evidence-based health and well-being program.

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes find innovative ways to support their greatest asset. You need realistic budget parameters that take into account hard and soft costs. You should also be able to expect reasonable returns. We’ll work to help you achieve everything from building incentive programs to developing metrics and ROI targets to analyzing wellness, well-being and disease management platforms. You can rely on us for:

  • Well-being strategy development and planning tools
  • Well-being champion training
  • Intervention and program templates
  • Incentive design and funding strategy
  • Claim analytics, risk scores and ROI tracking
  • Strategic employee-facing communications
  • Customizable marketing resources, including employee well-being campaigns and newsletters
  • A wellness/well-being research library, filled with case studies, best practices and more
  • Access to preferred well-being vendors and discounted pricing opportunities
  • RFP assistance for third-party well-being vendors

We can work with you on well-being program strategy, implementation and upkeep. We have experience building incentive programs and metrics to measure effectiveness, empowering employers to fine-tune well-being and disease management programs over time.

Beyond physical well-being solutions, we’re also poised to help you put together programs and find tools for financial well-being. Tools to promote financial wellness like planning support can make a real difference, lowering stress and increasing job satisfaction.

NFP also offers its own total engagement platform, PeopleEQ™. PeopleEQ combines a comprehensive benefits hub, employee resource dashboard, and financial and lifestyle well-being tools at a manageable price point. This customizable tool also gives employers access to effective data and management tools, and an implementation team ready to help.

No matter what tools and strategies fit your unique solution, we have experts ready to consult with you.