Can Outsourcing Work? The Case for Getting Smarter with Organizational Change

The most common objection to outsourcing strategic work is that a third party could never understand your organization the way you do. In our experience, that rather depends on the third party. An experienced HR change partner will have worked in a multitude of different HR departments across different sectors and with different cultures in the course of doing business, and as such, their learning curve should be extremely short. This means they’ll be extremely familiar with the core activities and deliverables of people-related change projects, which are usually pretty consistent across organizations and industries. When a seasoned agile HR change partner starts working with you, therefore, their focus is on quickly adapting to your cultural nuances rather than getting their heads around the actual work that needs doing. This counters the other common objection to outsourcing – that an organization hasn’t the time to brief a third party on their HR business.

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