Spread the Love: State Compliance Considerations

As companies continue to expand geographically and hire more remote employees, it is important to remember some states have additional benefits obligations for some employers. In this webinar, the Benefits Compliance team discussed state-specific compliance considerations such as annual filings, mini-COBRA laws, paid leave and more.


  • State Individual Mandate Reporting Requirements (a.k.a. MEC Reporting)
  • Other States Reporting/ Disclosure (e.g., SF HCSO, MA HIRD, IL EHB Disclosure)
  • Mini-COBRA (a.k.a., state continuation)
  • Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML)
  • Commuter Benefits Mandate

Key Takeaways

It is OK to ask for help!

  • Fully insured plans:
    • Identify locations of workers outside home state
    • Communicate with your insurance carrier – they should have insight into state insurance laws
  • Self-insured plans:
    • Identify locations of workers outside home state
    • Be mindful of state requirements that affect your employees outside of insurance laws
  • Employers should consult with employment law counsel to navigate requirements outside of your home state
    • In addition to insurance laws there may be additional HR rules to be mindful of (hiring practices, wage withholding, etc.)