Single-Payer Health Care: What Does it Mean for You?

A single-payer health care system, such as the proposal of “Medicare for All,” has become a hot topic in the US and a defining issue for 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls. The debate has undoubtedly been driven by the uninsured population, rising premiums and lack of options in the individual marketplace. At the same time, over fifty% of the US population are covered by employer-sponsored group health insurance, making it the single largest component of health insurance coverage in the United States and unique to other countries. Compared to the individual market, the employer-sponsored coverage is more innovative, cost-effective and has higher satisfaction ratings. If a single-payer solution is adopted broadly, millions of Americans are at risk of being pushed into the individual market created by a nationalized plan.

For us all, it’s important to learn from current single-payer systems to gain a better understanding of how single-payer health care could impact how Americans obtain health care services.

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