Paid Vaccination Law

On June 9, 2021, Gov. Sisolak signed SB 209 into law, requiring private employers to provide leave to their employees so that they can receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Under the law, private employers with 50 or more employees must provide employees with two consecutive hours of paid leave to receive a single-dose vaccine and two consecutive hours of paid leave for each dose of a two-dose vaccine.

Employers must post a poster currently under development by the state’s labor commissioner in the workplace to inform employees of their rights under this new law. Employees are required to provide notice of their intent to obtain the vaccine in order to take the paid leave. The law does not exempt seasonal or temporary workers, but it does exempt employers who provide vaccinations on site during regular business hours.

The law also amends current paid leave laws by providing that leave to employees for any reason, including taking leave for medical reasons such as treating physical or mental illness. Discussion of the state’s paid leave laws can be found in a July 23, 2019, Compliance Corner article and a December 10, 2019, Compliance Corner article.

Qualifying employers should be aware of this law.

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