Paid Family and Medical Leave 2022 Premium Rate Announced

The WA PFML 2022 premium rate will increase for the first time since the program was first launched. The new premium rate in 2022 will be 0.6% of employees’ gross wages up to the 2022 Social Security cap ($147,000) effective on January 1, 2022, which is an increase from the current rate of 0.4% of employees’ gross wages.

The total contribution of 0.6% is split between employers and employees depending on the size of an employer. Employers with 50+ employees will contribute up to 26.78% of 0.6%, and their Washington state employees will pay 73.22% of 0.6%. Employers with fewer than 50 employees are not required to contribute, but they must withhold from their Washington state employees’ share of 73.22% of 0.6% from their payroll.

The increase in rate is due to higher usage and reduced payrolls during the pandemic, according to the WA Employment Security Department, which administers the WA PFML program.

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