Webinar: What’s on the Horizon: Cyber Readiness and Insurance Projections for 2023

Watch our 2023 cyber webinar, where experts in the cyber insurance, privacy breach and security spaces discuss lessons learned from 2022 and share their predictions for 2023.

Discussion Points

  • Lessons learned from 2022 - summary of most-seen claims, security issues and market grievances.
  • Is MFA still the most important security tool?
  • Will the Cloud save us from the security concerns of yesterday?
  • Cyber market projections for 2023.


Courtney Maugé - Senior Vice President, Cyber Practice Leader, NFP

Courtney Maugé is the cyber practice leader of NFP’s National Cyber PracticeGroup and the primary liaison between cyber insurers and US commercial clients.She also holds responsibility for developing an exceptional service model for all NFPcyber clients and continued cyber education. Courtney’s remarkable career hasspanned data and privacy law, risk identification, policy wording review and complexnegotiations.

Rick Cavaliere - Senior Vice President, Cyber, NFP

Rick is a senior broker for NFP’s National Cyber Practice Group, with responsibilitiesfor driving the cyber renewal process, consulting on cyber controls and processes,negotiating with carriers and designing client programs. As the placement leader forthe cyber practice, Rick is responsible for overall operations and managing thenational team’s approach to cyber placement and carrier relationships. Rick has vastexperience in management and professional liability and cyber policies, including forpublicly traded and large private companies.

John Mullen - Partner and Co-Founder, Mullen Coughlin

John F. Mullen, Sr. is a name partner and co-founder of Mullen Coughlin. He hasbeen licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 1991. Mr. Mullen and the firmfocus their practice on assisting insureds in preparing for and responding to dataprivacy and network security events. He regularly presents on data privacy andnetwork security issues for insurers and brokers via national webinars/phone,television conferences and live presentations, and has been published and quotedas a national expert on cyber/data loss issues in multiple publications.

Stephen Jones - Vice President, Cyber Security, Dataprise

Stephen “Jones” Jones is responsible for the strategic design, development, and execution of Dataprise’s managed security service offerings. Jones is a veteran in the security operations space bringing 20 years of experience in cyber security andtechnical leadership in both public and commercial sectors.