Webinar: How Lenders Generate Risk - and Cost-Free Revenue

Wondering how you can you help your lenders generate additional revenue — risk free and cost free?

Watch our brief webinar detailing how lenders are generating additional revenue and positive loan growth through NFP’s Equity Protection Program in which we discuess:

  • Increase interest income through additional loan volume.
  • Transfer loan default risk.
  • Build customer loyalty and retention.

Why EPP is a Smart Financial Strategy

Customized to Your Client’s Preferences

We individually underwrite each lending institution to determine the premium cost of the program. The rate is quoted at a “rate per thousand dollars of outstanding balance”, and premiums are only charged for utilized balances.

No Cost to the Client

Premiums are passed through to the borrower through a slight increase in their interest rate.

Risk of Loan Default is Transferred

Your portfolio is protected against losses due to borrower default for any reason. Claims are paid for 100% of the outstanding balance, up to the policy limit.