Ep. 93: End-of-Year Laundry List for Compliance, and a Peek into 2021

In this episode, Chase Cannon and Suzanne Spradley review the compliance obligations employers must review and complete prior to the end of the year, for both calendar and non-calendar year plans. Chase digs into the basis of imputed income for domestic partner coverage and group term life insurance, and the importance of calculating and adding imputed income before the end of the year. Chase and Suzanne review the notices, tests and filings that must be completed by years’ end, including the Massachusetts HIRD filing requirement. Chase then looks forward to 2021, investigating the federal and state reporting requirements for employer mandate and state individual mandates. As the pandemic – and remote work – continues into 2021, Chase and Suzanne discuss the importance of state tax nexus and employment and income tax withholding for those working from home in a different state. The two conclude with a quick recap of the continued administrative challenges created by the DOL’s extensions to COBRA and HIPAA special enrollment deadlines via the so-called “outbreak period.