Download the 2022 NFP US Benefits Trend Report
Learn what your employees want from their benefits offerings

After another year that tested us in new ways, employers have abundant opportunities to elevate the impact they have on their employees.

The 2022 NFP US Benefits Trend Report is designed to help employers – of all sizes and across industries – enhance their ability to seize these opportunities by:

  • Validating the challenges employers are facing
  • Empowering you to navigate complexity with actionable insights
  • Reinforcing that progress requires partnership – no organization can (or should) go it alone

From tailoring benefit programs that address the unique problems of a multigenerational workforce to having the right tools/partnerships in place to enhance awareness and understanding of benefit offerings, we’re here to help. Employees are consumers, and by meeting them where they are with the solutions they need, we elevate engagement, productivity, loyalty and well-being.

Download the 2022 NFP US Benefits Trend Report here.