Webinar: Do’s and Don’ts of Ransomware Incident Response: Tales from the Front Lines

A ransomware attack on your systems or your data can occur at any time and from multiple attack vectors (e-mail phishing, remote desktop protocol, software vulnerability, vendor event, etc.). And, when these attacks occur, time is of the essence. Because of this, questions such as “Should I report this?, “Who should I report this to?” and “What do I do next?,” do not have much time to be answered, and a wrong answer can set into motion circumstances and events that challenge the organization’s ability to appropriately recover and respond to the incident. An organization should understand – before an event occurs – when and how to respond to the event and leverage the suite of exceptional resources made available to them via their cyber insurance carrier.

With thousands of incident responses under their belt, Mullen Coughlin attorneys Jennifer A. Coughlin and Carolyn Purwin Ryan will provide real-life examples of what organizations have done correctly, and what they haven’t done correctly, when faced with a real or perceived ransomware incident. Tales from the Front Lines will provide the do’s and don’ts of a ransomware incident and best practices an organization should take to mitigate the financial and operational effect of a cyber incident.

Discussion Points:

  • When to contact data privacy counsel;
  • The benefits of quickly contacting data privacy counsel;
  • What mistakes organizations have made before, during and after an incident; and
  • Best practices for investigating and responding to a ransomware incident.