Crime Victim Leave Law Revised

Vermont’s crime victim leave law requires employers to provide unpaid job protected leave for eligible employees to attend a deposition or court processing related to a criminal processing when an employee is an alleged victim. Employees who have been continuously employed for at least six months for an average of at least 20 hours per week and who are the victims of crimes are eligible to take the leave. The eligible employees are allowed to use accrued sick, vacation, and other paid time off leave during the crime victim leave.

Additionally, employers with Vermont employee(s) are required to post a written notice regarding an employee’s right to crime victim leave. The Crime Victims Rights poster can be retrieved from the following state’s site, Vermont Department of Labor.

The revised legislation (HB 477) expands the current crime victim leave to include relief from stalking or abuse. The term “alleged victim” also includes a family member.

Employers who have an employee(s) in Vermont should be aware of this added new change.

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