State Insurance Update

Insurance Commissioner Dodrill issued Insurance Bulletin No. 20-15, which clarifies that group health insurance policies covering employees or residents of nursing homes must provide COVID-19 testing for those covered individuals without any cost sharing. While the DOL, HHS and Treasury have advised that COVID-19 testing to screen for general workplace health and safety is beyond the scope of the FFCRA or CARES Act, testing may be required to be covered for both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals with known or suspected recent exposure.

Further, the Bureau for Public Health issued a memorandum requiring testing of any resident of, or healthcare personnel working in, a nursing home who has signs or symptoms of COVID19, as well as asymptomatic residents of such facilities when there is an outbreak in a facility or exposure. Thus, such testing shall be covered under the respective group health policies with no cost sharing to such participants. The bulletin clarifies this is an ongoing requirement and not simply one-time testing coverage.

Any plan sponsors that employ nursing home workers should be aware of this requirement.

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