Benefits-Related Provisions in the 2023 Federal Spending Bill

As has come to be the trend, the federal government’s annual spending bill includes a number of benefits-related topics. The Benefits Compliance team discussed the provisions that will affect retirement and health plan compliance in the coming years. The Benefits Compliance team also briefly discussed the RxDC enforcement relief provided by the departments at the end of the year.


  • CAA, 2023
    • Generally
    • Telehealth Relief Extension
    • MHPAEA Changes
      • Sunset of Non-Federal Government Employer Opt-Outo Grants to Support Enforcement
      • SECURE 2.0 Act
    • RxDC “Good Faith” Relief
    • Looking Ahead & Compliance Takeaways

Top Takeaways

  • As has been the case for the last several years, the end of the year always brings new compliance obligations that we got from legislation.
  • Still looking at divided Congress, so may not see as much action this year.
  • Biden administration will try to accomplish what it can in the lead up to the election.
  • Always important to work with plan service providers to stay in compliance.
  • NFP Benefits Compliance will continue to report on developments.