GA State Updates - 2015 Jan 25 No.01

On Aug. 11, 2015, Commissioner of Insurance Hudgens issued Directive 15-EX-3 related to patient access to eye care. The directive reinforces that insurers must allow covered persons to obtain eye services from providers who are otherwise licensed to provide such services. Some insurers have been limiting coverage to services performed or products sold by certain providers only. The directive points to the recent Georgia Supreme Court case of Spectera, Inc. v. Wilson (749 S.E.2d 704 (2013)). Based on that case, a provider may provide all the services for which he or she is licensed and may receive provider panel reimbursement from an insurer as long as the service is otherwise covered by the insurance policy. Although this directive is aimed at insurers, it is important for employers to be aware that insurers cannot restrict the access to eye care in this manner.

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