Podcast Episode 25: Study Outlines Possible Reasons for Individual Market Premium Increases

In this episode, Suzanne Spradley and Chase Cannon look at a recent study aimed at breaking down the various reasons for individual market premium increases as a result of the ACA. Suzanne discusses several ACA requirements that contributed to the increases, including fees and taxes (like the health insurance tax), premium rating restrictions, pre-existing condition exclusion prohibitions, requirements to cover preventive services and to have actuarial value standards, and the influx of sicker individuals into the health insurance exchanges. Lastly, the two discuss policy fixes that Congress could tackle this year and how that all could potentially impact the employer group market.

Every other week, NFP's legal experts make the subject of compliance personal for a wide audience. By breaking down the daunting details of emerging policies and bridging the gap between legislation and what it means for the listener, Chase Cannon and Suzanne Spradley make compliance issues relatable and relevant. Visit our Soundcloud page every two weeks for the most up-to-date episode.

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