Synchronization of Prescription Drug Refills

On Aug. 18, 2017, Gov. Rauner signed HB 2957, enacting Public Act 100-0138, which requires plans that provide coverage for prescription drugs to provide coverage for synchronization of prescription drug refills at least once a year for each plan participant if certain conditions are met. Specifically, this law requires insurers to provide prorated daily cost-sharing rates to any medication dispensed by a network pharmacy when necessary.

"Synchronization" is defined to mean the coordination of medication refills for a patient taking two or more medications for one or more chronic conditions (rather than for a single chronic condition) such that the patient's medications are refilled on the same schedule for a given time period. For a policy of health and accident insurance to provide for synchronization of prescriptions drug refills, the prescription drugs must be covered by the policy's clinical coverage policy or have been approved by a formulary exceptions process, among other specified conditions.

This law is effective immediately.

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