Podcast Episode 15: Stabilizing Insurance Markets and Bipartisan ACA Discussions

With the Senate Parliamentarian announcing the end of September as a deadline for the 2017 ACA repeal GOP reconciliation bill, the GOP’s hopes of repealing and replacing the ACA appear officially dead. The discussion now moves towards stabilizing the insurance markets and bipartisan ACA changes. In episode 15 of the podcast, Suzanne Spradley and Chase Cannon preview this week’s Senate committee hearings relating to a bipartisan ACA stabilization bill. Suzanne describes which Senators will be sitting on the committee and which governors and other players will be star witnesses. The pair also discuss the primary issues that will be addressed in the hearings (including unpredictability and instability of the insurance markets and continued premium rate increases) and how a group in the House may have some bipartisan ideas that everyone can finally agree on.

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