Governor Greitens Announces Plan for Minimum Wage Bill

On June 30, 2017, Gov. Greitens announced his view of the bill passed by the legislature to create a standard statewide minimum wage, HB 1193 and HB 1194. Gov. Greitens will not sign the minimum wage bill, but it will go into law automatically on Aug. 28, 2017, without his signature.

Under the new law, no political subdivision may establish, mandate or otherwise require an employer to provide to an employee either of the following:

  • A minimum or living wage rate
  • Employment benefits that exceed state laws, rules or regulations

This law preempts and nullifies all political subdivision ordinances, rules and regulations currently in effect, or enacted at a later time, that establish or enforce a minimum or living wage or the provision of employment benefits that exceed state laws, rules or regulations.

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