CT State Updates - 2015 Jan 28 No.01

On June 30, 2015, Gov. Malloy signed SB 1085 into law. The law amends Section 38a-514 to expand services for mental or nervous conditions that certain health plans must cover. The law mandates that each group health plan cover the diagnosis and treatment of mental or nervous conditions on the same basis as medical, surgical or other physical conditions. Among other things, the law also requires plans to cover

Medically necessary acute treatment and clinical stabilization servicesGeneral inpatient hospitalization, including at state-operated facilitiesServices provided by advanced practice registered nurses for mental or nervous conditionsPrograms to improve health outcomes for mothers, children and families

Moreover, a group policy may not prohibit an insured from receiving, or a provider from being reimbursed for, multiple screening services as part of a single-day visit to a health care provider or multicare institution (e.g., hospital, psychiatric outpatient clinic, or free standing facility for substance use treatment).

Finally, the law amends Section 38a-514 to substitute the term “benefits payable” for “covered expenses” as it pertains to the mental or nervous conditions coverage provisions. Under this law, these are the usual, customary, and reasonable charges for medically necessary treatment or, in the case of a managed care plan, the contracted rates.

The law applies to fully insured group health plans issued or renewed on or after Jan. 1, 2016.

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