CRS Releases Comparison of the ACA, AHCA and BCRA

On July 3, 2017, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) released a comparison of the ACA, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA). As a reminder, the AHCA is the Republican proposal to repeal and replace the ACA that was passed by the House, while the BCRA is the proposal introduced in the Senate. The whitepaper begins with a brief narrative summarizing the general provisions of the AHCA and BCRA as well as the Congressional Budget Office reports for both acts.

The bulk of the whitepaper is a side-by-side detailed comparison of provisions under current law (ACA) and the two Republican proposed bills. Many of the provisions are of interest, directly or indirectly, to employer plan sponsors, including: the individual mandate, the employer mandate, premium rating based on age for small group policies, small business tax credit, medical loss ratio rebates, premium tax credits, cost-sharing subsidies, small business health plans, Medicaid expansion, Health Insurance Tax, Cadillac Tax, qualified medical expenses under a health FSA and contributions to an HSA.

The paper is a helpful resource to better understand the current discussions going on in Washington related to health care reform. We will continue to update you in Compliance Corner of any developments.

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