MT State Updates - 2015 Jan 24 No.01

On Feb. 27, 2015, Gov. Bullock signed H.B. 74 into law, creating enrolled Chapter 62. The legislation amends the state’s data breach notification statute by broadening the definition of "personal information" and requiring entities giving notice to consumers to provide a copy of the notice to the Montana Attorney General’s office.

The data breach statute now defines personal information to include medical record information (as defined in M.C.A. Section 33-19-104) or an identity protection personal identification number issued by the IRS. The statute also includes an individual’s name, driver’s license number and account or credit card numbers.

This data breach notification statute applies to state agencies, but not to private entities. State agency means an agency, authority, board, bureau, college, commission, committee, council, department, hospital, institution, office, university, or other instrumentality of the legislative or executive branch of state government. These amendments to the statute are effective Oct. 1, 2015.

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