CO State Updates - 2015 Jan 24 No.02

On March 13, 2015, the Colorado Division of Insurance (DOI) issued a press release and FAQ related to phasing out non-PPACA-compliant group health plans in Colorado. Specifically, health insurance plans for small employers that do not meet PPACA requirements will not continue into 2016. Previously, the DOI allowed insurers in Colorado to continue non-PPACA-compliant plans for small groups (employers with two to 50 employees) through Dec. 31, 2015. The allowance was intended to permit time for transition to PPACA-compliant plans. The bulletin states that insurers will notify small employers that hold non-PPACA-compliant plans of the discontinuation of the plans, as well as information about available options (including whether the insurer will offer PPACA-compliant plans). The notices must be provided no later than 90 days in advance of the expiration date of the policy (180 days if the insurer is leaving the Colorado insurance market). Importantly, according to the bulletin, insurers may not automatically enroll a current policyholder into a new plan from that insurer. The DOI FAQs provide additional clarification on both the phase-out process and the insurer notices. Employers with non-PPACA-compliant plans should be aware of the press release and FAQs, and should work with insurers on identifying their options going forward.

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