CT State Updates - 2015 Jan 02 No.01

On May 26, 2015, Gov. Malloy signed SB 1029 into law, creating Public Act No. 15-7. The law makes minor changes to the state statute concerning uncontested dissolutions of marriage. While employers are not directly impacted by the changes, it is worth noting that changes in the law provide for an expedited divorce or legal separation if certain factors are met. The law permits a couple to file a joint petition in the judicial district in which one of the party resides for a dissolution of marriage or legal separation and waives certain time periods if agreement on all terms of the dissolution of marriage or legal separation is reached.

Connecticut is one of the few states which recognize legal separation. Employers sponsoring group health plans, especially those subject to COBRA, should be familiar with whether their plan allows an employee to drop a spouse’s coverage due to legal separation and whether COBRA is triggered at that time. Further, employers should ensure they have communicated the proper timeframes (typically 60 days) for the employee to notify the employer that a divorce or legal separation has occurred. Employers accomplish this by distributing a COBRA Initial Notice within 90 days of the coverage effective date to both the covered employee and covered spouse. This becomes even more important for those employees entering into a uncontested legal separation or dissolution of marriage where the timeline for the proceedings occurs on an expedited basis and failure to notify the employer on a timely basis can result in a denial of COBRA coverage. The law is effective Oct. 1, 2015.

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