August 9, 2016

On July 11, 2016, Gov. Walker signed SB 142 into law. The new law relates to coverage for certain anti-cancer treatment for fully insured plans in Alaska. Under the new law, plans that provide coverage for anti-cancer medications that are injected or administered intravenously by a health care provider and such medications administered directly by the plan participant (such as orally administered or self-injected medications) cannot apply higher cost-sharing (including co-insurance, co-payments or deductibles) than the plan applies to injected or intravenously anti-cancer medications. This is the case regardless of the plan’s formulations or benefit category design or determination. For purposes of the new law, “anti-cancer medications” include drugs or biologics used to kill, slow or prevent the growth of cancerous cells or to treat related side effects. The new law is effective for plans beginning (or renewed) on or after Jan. 1, 2017. The law includes no new employer compliance obligations, but employers with fully insured plans in Alaska should be aware of it.

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