Updates to Coverage for Primary Care Provider, Pediatrician and OB-GYN Services

On July 20, 2016, Gov. Walker signed HB 372 into law, which provides updates to coverage requirements for services provided by primary care providers (PCPs), obstetricians and gynecologists (OB-GYNs) and pediatricians. On PCPs and pediatricians, plans that provide coverage through networks of providers must allow plan participants to access out-of-network providers. Such plans may require higher copayments, deductibles or premiums for out-of-network providers. Also, if a plan requires participants to designate a PCP, participants may choose any available PCP (which, effective Oct. 16, 2016, includes a pediatrician) to receive appropriate specialty care. On OB-GYNs, effective Oct. 16, 2016, plans that provide coverage for OB-GYN services and require participants to select a PCP must allow female participants to receive OB-GYN care from participating providers that specialize in OB-GYN services without requiring prior authorization or referrals. Employers with fully insured plans in Alaska should be aware of the new law and requirements.

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